Her Name in Lights


Stella Martin is living with her Aunt Cynthia, an unscrupulous theatre agent, while her mother is ill and her father works away from home. Stella is a talented actress and wants to go into the theatre. But Aunt Cynthia forces her into starring in TV commercials as a child actress. To this end Aunt Cynthia forces Stella into a childish appearance, deliberately underfeeds her to stunt her growth, keeps her away from school, and Stella has to do housework as well.



  • Artist: Kim Raymond
  • Reprinted and translated to Dutch as “Haar naam in neon” (“Her Name in Neon”) – Mariska Starstrip #1 (circa 1983)


  • Her Name in Lights –  Mandy: #712 (06 September 1980) – #721 (08 November 1980)


2 thoughts on “Her Name in Lights

  1. The plot is similar to “Little Amy” from Tracy/Judy, right down to the aunt underfeeding the girl to maintain her underage appearance. Maybe it was the same writer?

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