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SerialsIssue StartIssue EndYear
A New Home for Harvey1131979
Dark Days for Jo - but no one must know!1101979
Hard-Hearted Harriet1131979
Slave to the Beauty Queen1131979
Tammy Smart's Schooldays1151979
The Hateful Hands of Heather Smith1131979
The Plot Against Penny1111979
The Saving of Sister Susie1121979
The Spell on Aunt Nell - and Me as well!1101979
Cartoon Crew21979
Fran - Friend for a Year3151979
The Sorrows of Supergirl11251979
My Weird Woolly12201980
Bonnie's Boy-friends14231980
Hope's End14261980
Let's Get Together14271980
The Sadness of Happy Jones14251980
Sally's Little Sister16281980
The Secret of the Maiden16311980
This is MY Home!16291980
It's All in the Mind!18301980
Life with Cousin Carol21291980
I’ll Only Walk Alone!24341980
Molly Magpie26361980
A Boy-friend for Brenda27401980
Flora and the Firebird28381980
Sisters at War!28471980
Fay and the Fallen Star30371980
The House that Jackie Bought30421980
Double Life of Clumsy Kate (the)31431980
Girl with the Power (the)31411980
Flowers of Gipsy Petal (the)32391980
Little Miss Music35461980
Penny’s Partner38441980
Meg Must Go!39491980
Jane’ll Fix It!40441980
My Mother – My Teacher!41541980
Secret Statue (the)41501980
Jo’s Gym42461980
I’ll Get Rid of Rona!43531980
Goldilocks and the Two Barrs44541980
Captain’s Friend (the)45541980
Cindy's Awful Sisters47541980
They Call her Tuesday Twelfth [1980]47571980
Vicki in the Village of Cats47541980
Petra the Perfect Stranger48541980
“They Said It on the Telly!”50541980
Jane'll Fix It!51511980
"They Won't See Me Cry!"55641980
Here's Harvey55661980
I Must Find Mr Right!55651980
Mystery in the Mirror55691980
Odd Girl Out55681980
Pam and Kerry Twin Trouble55631980
Slave to the Dolls55681980
Tina the Terrible55681980
Glenda the Goodbye Girl58681980
Penny’s Perfect Mum64711980
A Sister For Sandra65741980
Betty In Between66781981
Jane’ll Fix It!67671981
Bessie and her Barrow69791981
Home, Sweet Home69761981
Jumbo and Jet69801981
Rhoda’s Robot69831981
Sally’s Secret [1981]69801981
Tug-of-Love Lorna69801981
Suzy Scarecrow70811981
The Double Life of Debbie72831981
Nadia's New Dad75831981
Bella the Babysitter79911981
A Star Chance for Laddie80901981
Home Sweet Home80801981
"I Won't Wear Specs"81951981
Lynne’s Little Fiend81921981
The Slave of the Green Fingers81921981
Mission of Mercy82951981
I Must Beat My Mum!84951981
The Sad Secret of Hateful Helen84951981
Home Sweet Home85851981
Home Sweet Home 87871981
Emma and the Evil Ones88991981
Nosey Nora921051981
A Holiday for Harvey931041981
A Home for Heather931031981
Grandad Needs a Wife931051981
Bella the Babysitter96961981
Mary in the Middle961121981
Schoolgirl with a Secret961131981
The Truth About Goldie961051981
"They Said It On the Telly!"98981981
The Legend of Lara991051981
The Girl Who Didn't Belong1041221981
"They're My Mum and Dad!"1061171981
Moira and the Moonflowers1061191981
Patti the Prefect1061131981
Posh Penelope1061191981
Slave to her Sister1061151981
Two in a Tangle!1061191981
A Dog's Life for Debbie1091201981
Fatty Hattie1141251981
Mystine Girl of Mystery1141241981
They Called Her Jealous Janet 1151271981
Detestable Dinah1171271981
No Laughter for Loretta1181281982
A Ticket for Taffy1201291982
Cuckoos in the Nest1201341982
The Odd Couple1201251982
"I'll Make Them Proud!"1211321982
Dawn and the Daughter of Darkness1231321982
Running Blind1261341982
When the Clock Strikes Twelve1261351982
Carly Can Cope1281411982
Mary's Little Lamb1281401982
That Boy Ben1281411982
Bev's Bewitched Baton1301411982
Pat the Cat1321411982
Gracie's Ghosts1331401982
"My Darling Daughter!"1341431982
Sheila the Sham1351501982
Cherry and the Chimps1361501982
Morna's Ancient Mum1361461982
Sandra and the Space Invaders1411491982
"She'll Stay a Slave!"1421521982
Joni the Jinx1421561982
Meg and the Magic Robot1421511982
Nothing But the Truth1421491982
Cathy and her Camera1431511982
The Snobby Stantons!1441531982
Polly's Painted Smile1471561982
"I Want to be a Duffer!"1501611982
Harvey's Hotel1511611982
Mean Marion1511611982
The Cheating Eyes of Charley1521611982
Looking After Dad1531611982
Nasty Nancy1531611982
Bossy Bessie1541611982
The Sharing of Shona1571701982
Brenda the Breaker1621701982
Oh, Brother!1621751982
Slave of the Singing Kettle1621791982
The Buckingham's Palace1621741982
The Trouble with Dad 1621731982
Vote for Smith!1621721982
Wild Rose1621731982
Jill's Two Genies1651761982
My Friend Flippety1711901983
I'll Be a Boy!1711771983
My Mother Next Door1731881983
Saint Susan1731821983
Charm of Evil1761831983
Penny's Secret Pet1761851983
Big Brother Basil1771821983
Jackie's Box1781851983
Sparrow and her Songs1791891983
"Becky Bright Must Go!"1801911983
Baby Doll1801891983
Fay's Forgotten Years1831901983
Home Sweet Home 1841851983
Best of Enemies1861991983
Heartless Holly1861971983
I'll be a Baddie!1861921983
Before the Light Goes...1892061983
Oh Danny Boy!1901991983
One Happy Family1912051983
Grandfather's Clock1911991983
A Tale of Two Sisters1932071983
I Remember Rona1931991983
Nancy Nodd1932051983
Weather-Girl Wendy1982071983
Slave to the Beauty Queen2002121983
The Secret of Brother Ben2002091983
The Tides and Trina2002071983
Ring-a-Ring O' Roses2012041983
Debbie's Donkeys2022091983
Georgie and the Dragon2062151983
Wild Girl from the Woods2062201983
Prisoners at Penlock2072141983
A New Life for Lucy2082191983
Her Worship Winnie2082221983
Room in Your Heart for Two2092241983
Pictures of Evil2102231983
The Revenge of Sister Sonia2112191983
Hard-Hearted Harriet2132251983
Little Annie Rooney2142281983
Shadow of Doom2152271983
Petra's Penpal2162281983
The Odd Couple2172171983
Mum's Not a Flop!2202311983
The Girl in the Blazer2202341983
Aim High, Heidi!2212311983
The Magic Touch2212261983
Cathy and her Camera2222221983
No Tears for Tina2232321984
Get Your Skates on, Sandi!2242421984
Sister in Secret2262351984
Wanda and the Waxworks2272321984
Glenda Greeneyes2282371984
Reflections of Rita2282351984
Magnetic Mandy2292451984
Taking Care of Cathy2322441984
We’ll Win the Loving Cup !2322461984
A Game of Let's Pretend!2332421984
The Hateful Heart of Limp-Along Lindy2332381984
I Don’t Want to be a Model!2352431984
A Dad for Debra2362531984
All a Bad Dream2362521984
The Horse on the Island2392531984
Harvey - Go Home!2392771984
Brenda's Best Friend2442591984
The Swans and the Ugly Duckling2452541984
Liz of Little Barton2452541984
Keeping Up With Joanna Jones2462581984
Julie of Jubilee Street2472561984
Our Daughter Debbie!2522591984
Diane and the Ducking Stool2532591984
Big Sister Sandra2552671984
Lucy and the Lost Ones2552661984
Bonny Bounces Back!2572731984
Unhappy Families2592771984
That's What Friends are For!2602671984
Through the Wishing Gate2602701984
Wendy and the Water Sprite2602721984
Anything You Can Do - I Can Do Better2682771984
The Songs of Sarah Snow2682771984
Susan and the Sea People2682771984
The Search for Sandie2702761984
The Cloud on Sunshine Cottage2712771984
Little Amy2772771985